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Welcome to Pets for Life!

Kansas City's Premier Pet Therapy Organization for over 40 years

Our mission is to enhance the physical and emotional well-being of people in need of comfort through interactive visits with our certified therapy teams of pets and their human volunteers.

Our Clients 

Our volunteers take their carefully screened pets on scheduled visits to partner facilities throughout greater Kansas City, including hospitals, nursing facilities, shelters for domestic violence, mental health centers, schools, and hospice centers.  Our main focus is on those whose situation is most restrictive and who are most in need of the social, mental, and physical stimulation provided by our volunteer teams.  We also provide pet therapy teams for special events, group meetings and conferences.  Compassionate friendship is initiated by the animals and augmented by their human partners.

The Benefits of Pet Therapy

Many clinical studies have proven the significant effect animals can have on adults and children alike, and pet-assisted therapy is recognized as a valuable tool in caring for those with physical and mental health conditions.  Pet therapy has been shown to lower anxiety levels and agitation, lessen depression and feelings of isolation, stimulate communication, lower blood pressure and improve cardiovascular health, simply provide a break in routine, and most importantly, spread smiles through interaction with our four-legged friends.

What We Do

Pets for Life provides testing, certification, support and insurance for caring people who volunteer with their pets.  Our testing is designed to ensure that you and your pet have the right temperament for therapy work. 
Where We Help

Our volunteer teams visit facilities located throughout the Kansas City Metro area.

We can find the perfect location for you!

Contact Us:

Pets for Life
1221 W. 103rd Street, #217
Kansas City, Missouri 64114
Phone: 913-378-7462
Fax: 816-363-9996
Email: petsforlife@kcpetsforlife.com
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