Volunteer Resources

Photo Identification Badges for
Volunteers and Pets
Pets for Life will provide a Photo ID for each human volunteer and each animal volunteer.  Just email us a .jpg photo file of you and your pet.  If you prefer, send us a photo using regular mail.  We will make the photo identification badges and mail them to you.  Each badge is laminated and comes with a lanyard for the human and a collar clip for the pet. There is no charge for this service through the Pets for Life office.  

   Please be sure and wear your photo badge on each Pets for Life visit.  This not only identifies you as a volunteer, but also makes others aware of our organization and the service we provide
Canine Apparel: Bandanas or Vests

Bandanas are always in style!   Our bandandas are in Pets for Life green and when open and lying flat measure a 21 inch square.  When folded on the diagonal, it measures approximately 30 inches and reveals our Pets for Life logo in the corner.  Your furry friend will look GREAT on visits wearing one of these bandanas!  They are only $4.00.  So call the office, or better yet, just email Pets for Life and we will send you one. 


All new volunteers who complete the certification process receive a bandana.

You can order a vest for your pet from Lisa Schultz at Pup'parel.  These vests are made especially for Pets for Life volunteers and their pets.  The vest has one pocket on the right side, a patch sewn on the left side that says "Therapy Dog" and "Pets for Life" is embroidered on the back in yellow-gold thread that matches the edge of the patch.  Each vest can be personalized to include the pet's name.  If you choose to have your pet's name embroidered on your vest, Pup'parel will do the stitching in the same color and type-style as the "Pets for Life" text.  If you would like a different color, just let them know.


You may contact Pup'parel by sending an email to Lisa Schultz at pupparel@icloud.com.  Be sure and include that you are a Pets for Life Volunteer needing to order a vest.  Lisa will help you with sizing and answer any questions that you may have.  

Standard Pets for Life Friendship Cards

Many people that we visit in all settings...nursing homes, schools, or events always  enjoy receiving a Pets for Life Friendship Card as a memory of the visits and to share with friends.   These are the size of regular business cards and  contain a photo of your pet, as well as, information about Pets for Life.  These cards are available at no cost to all Pets for Life Volunteers.  Just send the Pets for Life Office an email requesting Friendship Cards and attach a .jpg file of the photo of your pet that you would like to use and we will provide you with the cards.  If you would prefer, just send in the regular mail a photo of your pet and we will copy and use for the Friendship Cards.  When the cards are completed, we will send them to you in the regular mail.  These are not required, but encourage you to give them a try and see how much adults and children that we visit with enjoy getting them.  It is also a great way to promote our organization.

If you would like a Pets for Life shirt, we offer two options:


T-Shirt:  The T-shirts are Pets for Life green and made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester.  They are available in sizes small, medium, large, extra large, and extra extra large. These are men's sizes, so order accordingly.  Silk-screened on the front left shoulder is the Pets for Life logo.  We offer this Pets for Life T-shirt for $6.00.  Please make your check payable to Pets for Life. These are kept in our office, so if you would like to order one, or more, just call, or better yet, email the office.  We will mail your order to you.  


Polo Shirt:   For those wishing to order a different style of shirt, we also offer a polo/golf type shirt for $12.  This shirt is Pets for Life green with white embroidery or white with green embroidery ("Pets for Life" embroidered on the left front shoulder).  These shirts are available in a variety of sizes in both women's and men's sizes, although please note that the green shirts are only available in men's sizes.  By clicking on the link below, you will be able to view all the options for this type of shirt.  Email our office using "Shirt Order" in the subject line.  Include in your email the size and style of shirt/shirts that you would llike to order.  Then mail your check, made payable to Pets for Life, to our office. 


***Please note: all volunteers are required to wear their logo apparel during their visits.